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We are lucky to be born in a country where seasons change. The colors on the horizon change, filling the space around us with new landscapes, fragrances, and sounds of nature. Winter comes after the bright and lyrical fall. Everything slows down and seems to fall asleep. Winter brings tranquillity and silence, hushing the rustle of leaves, the chirping of birds, and the murmur of running water in rivers. Nature becomes a blank page to start a new story. 
Winter is a perfect time for deep sleep, a universal night for our nature, the time when mystery and miracles come into reality. In each movement, such characters have the grace and magic of moonlight. Moon energy is very fragile but enticing with its clear beauty. It shows everything around us in a very new light.
No other season uses so much white shimmery lace as Her Majesty Winter. Aren't her patterns on windows and snowflakes reminding us of magnificent laces? This sparkling silky smoothness is enchanting.
In winter, hidden desires come to the surface of our bare and vulnerable souls -- longing for a hug, for sincerity, for a warm meeting with friends, for love. There is no need to wait until spring to tell someone about your feelings. You can just close your eyes, listen to your pounding heart and start creating your own unforgettable winter tale -- weightless, shining, virtuous, cozy, and Real. That is exactly how the Winter project was created. All flowers, materials, and details should fit the feeling of Purity, Lightweight, and Nature. Each detail conveys hues of white. An incredible number of tones of white can be found in the nature of winter: from cold snow-white to warm milky tones, with their intimate and cozy hue. Each of them is beautiful as it is, but they enrich each other and come alive in the integrity of a natural composition. Nature is genius in every season, but winter especially mesmerizing, don’t you think?  



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